#20 Yuce, Aytac ICCF: 2132 vs Grabinsky, Aaron (NM) FIDE: 2337

#20 Yuce, Aytac ICCF: 2132 vs Grabinsky, Aaron (NM) FIDE: 2337

Chess960 start position: 626 (BRNKQBRN)

Time control: 15+5

Site: http://en.lichess.org/XgUALRdP


1. Ng3 e6 2. e4 Ng6 3. d4 c5 4. b3 {maybe c3 holding the center with pawns is better. }

4… b6 5. dxc5 {even here better to play c3 than give up the center. Also, White would have retained the option of playing d5 restricting Black bishop on a8}

5… Bxc5 6. Nd3 Be7 7. Be2 Nd6 8. Bf3 {maybe f3 is possible. At least White wouldn’t get doubled pawns.}

8… Nh4 9. Qe2 Nxf3 10. gxf3 {Qxf3 is obviously bad because of f5}

10… g6 {designed to prevent Nh5}

11. O-O-O O-O-O 12. c4 {a good move, creating a bind on d5, however, black can still free himself by playing d5 himself.}

12… Nb7 {Wasn’t too happy about knight’s placement on d6 :) }

13. e5 {maybe White should hold off on this as it increases the scope of Black bishop on a8. Maybe f4, with f5 ideas. White can always play f3 again if need be.}

13… d5 {clearly best, freeing black’s central position.}

14. exd6 Nxd6 15. Ne4 Nxe4 16. fxe4 f6 {I don’t think I should allow e5 with my pawn on f7. f6 stops it in that I can go f5 now, when White’s e5 would have been counter-productive.}

17. Kb1 Qc6 {starting to build up pressure against the center. Notice how black has an edge now because of his two bishops and better pawn structure. Hence, Bf3 earlier might not have been

18. Rge1 Rge8 19. f3 Kb8 {no need to rush for black}

20. a4 a6 {contemplating b5. I don’t think a4 was so helpful, however, it’s already difficult to play for white.}

21. Rc1 Rd7 {simply increasing the pressure by doubling rooks.}

22. Red1 Red8 23. Nf2 f5 24. Rxd7 Rxd7 25. Be5+ Ka7 26. a5 {rather desperate I think, but Bc5 was coming after which white’s position is falling apart anyway.}

26… bxa5 27. Rd1 Rxd1+ 28. Qxd1 Bc5 29. Nd3 Bd6 30. Bd4+ Kb8 31. Ne5 Qc7 {yea, so Bb6 scared me for a second, but Qe7! and black’s fine. After this the two bishops should win the game. Black’s also a pawn up. So, earlier white maybe should have chose c3 to protect the center and then maybe play d5 themselves; also, f3! instead of Bf3 would have been more resilient as white’s bishop looks blocked, but it would have been able to free itself eventually with moves like g3 and f4 later, followed by Bf3, when white’s doing fine. } { White resigns } 0-1

(Annotations: Aaron Grabinsky)


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