#58 Yuce, Aytac ICCF: 2132 vs Grabinsky, Aaron (NM) FIDE: 2337

#58 Yuce, Aytac ICCF: 2132 vs Grabinsky, Aaron (NM) FIDE: 2337

Chess960 start position:  819 (BRKNQRNB)

Time control: 15+5

Site: http://en.lichess.org/nKxrTPvNOOEQ


1. b3 b6 2. Nc3 g6 3. Nf3 e5 4. d3 {e4 is probably better. Allowing black to get total central control cannot be right. Now when black plays d5, e4 will be met with d4! and white is cramped.}

4… d5 5. e3 {even here, e4 is probably to be preferred, as white’s severe lack of central space will begin to tell quite soon.}

5… f5 {mine as well grab more space! Black enjoys a clear edge here.}

6. Qe2 {Nd2 and e4 for white is interesting. If black plays e4, then d4 limits the damage and white shouldn’t be doing to badly.}

6… Nf6 7. O-O {Staying on the queen-side is probably better.}

7… Nf7 8. Nd2 Qe6 9. g3 {d4 or f4, trying to force a locking of the center is safer, maybe then later g3.}

9… O-O-O {of course, playing for a quick attack on white’s king is the easiest way to win here. White’s opening play was a bit too passive.}

10. Nb5 {even here, d4 or f4 is better, trying to shut down black’s fluid center pawns.}

10… a6 11. Nc3 {Na3 even with c4 idea might be a better way to go, although at this point it’s probably too late. White has just lost too much time.}

11… h5 12. Na4 g5 {this attack should be decisive.}

13. c4 {e4 is more annoying for black, even then f4 for black looks strong. Then exd5 and white might be able to use the e4 square for defense.}

13… g4 14. cxd5 Ng5 {a cool move :)}

15. Rfe1 {better is e4 when it is highly unclear, but black remains on top.}

15… Bxd5 16. Bxd5 Qxd5 17. h4 {alternatives do not help, d3 is hanging at the very least, when black will be technically winning anyway.}

gxh3 18. Kh2 {f3 or e4 avoid mate, but the result is not in doubt. Black simply takes d3 and has a winning position with two extra pawns and better pieces. So earlier, white definitely had to be more aggressive with his stakes in the center. The huge amount of space that black was given, and thus the flexibility he enjoyed, spelled white’s doom. } { White resigns } 0-1

(Annotations: Aaron Grabinsky)

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