#62 Yuce, Aytac ICCF: 2132 vs Grabinsky, Aaron (NM) FIDE: 2337

#62 Yuce, Aytac ICCF: 2132 vs Grabinsky, Aaron (NM) FIDE: 2337

Chess960 start position:  260 (NBBRKNQR)

Time control: 15+5

Site: http://en.lichess.org/gMyKXqlbo9D5


1. Nb3 b6 2. d4 Ba6 {e2 looked weak in some positions.}

3. c3 c6 4. Nfd2 d5 5. Nf3 {Bd3 was worth considering, in view of how strong black’s bishop later becomes.}

5… e6 6. Bg5 {maybe g3 and Bf4 is interesting, as well.}

6… Rc8 7. Bh4 {same idea, but a little slower. The rook wanted to go to c8 regardless.}

7… Nd7 {swinging round to f6, eyeing e4 is natural.}

8. Bg3 f5 {The ensuing “stonewall” set-up is probably favorable for black, as the Nb3 is misplaced and white’s e2 pawn is still a problem.}

9. Bxb8 Rxb8 10. h4 {g4! is worth considering. White’s attack might yield him some open king-side lines, activating his light-squared bishop and queen. Also, Bd3 is again, worth
looking at.}

10… Qf7 11. Qh2 {nice maneuver by white nonetheless, eyeing e5.}

11… O-O 12. Ng5 {maybe Ne5 is better, looking to trade pieces.}

12… Qe7 13. f4 Nf6 14. Qg3 {Again Bd3!}

14… Nc7 {aiming for b5 (or e8) and d6 with full control over e4.}

15. Rd2 {Illustrating how powerful black’s bishop is. White struggles to get castled.}

15… Nb5 16. Rc2 {Qe3 or 0-0 might be better, the rook could probably go to d1 later, keeping the light-squared bishop more active. Also, it is more prone to hits down the c-file.}

16… Nd6 {threatening h6, and a knight to e4.}

17. Nd2 Rbc8 {eyeing c5 with some pressure.}

18. Rc1 c5 {now cxd4 is a threat.}

19. e3 {now things are turning sour for white. His king is stranded due to black’s monster on a6.}

19… Kh8 {maybe not the best by black, Qe8 immediately is more pointed.}

20. Ndf3 h6 21. Ne5 Qe8 {yea, here the king should just be on g8.}

22. Nh3 Kg8 23. Nf2 Qb5 {here black should be close to winning.}

24. Bd3 {Maybe a knight to d3 covers b2. Then if c4, Nb4! and white is hanging on. It’s still unpleasant though.}

24… Qxb2 25. O-O {finally castled, but alas, too late!}

25… Nde4 {and in black storms, a loss of material is inevitable.}

26. Nxe4 Nxe4 27. Bxe4 {If the queen moves then just Bxd3 and Qd2 and white’s pawns fall quickly.}

27… Bxf1 28. Rb1 {more or less equivalent to the alternatives.}

28… Qxc3 29. Bxd5 exd5 30. Rxf1 cxd4 {yea, this is over. So, earlier white should have probably have traded the light-squared bishops to avert some of the pressure. The structure that came about is very static, but in some lines, white can be quite justified in going g4! With king-side pressure. }

{ White resigns } 0-1

(Annotations: Aaron Grabinsky)

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