#69 Grabinsky, Aaron (NM) FIDE: 2337 vs Yuce, Aytac ICCF: 2132

#69 Grabinsky, Aaron (NM) FIDE: 2337 vs Yuce, Aytac ICCF: 2132

Chess960 start position: 118 (NQBRNBKR)

Time control: 15+5

Site: http://en.lichess.org/DSgrnRTL


1. c3 Nf6 2. d4 d5 {good move, stopping e4 which would be favorable for white.}

3. Bf4 {kind of making the game a London system.}

3… g6 {Bg4 with Bh5, Bg6 idea is also good. }

4. e3 Bf5 5. Bd3 Bxd3 6. Nxd3 Bg7 7. Ne5 Qc8 {Nd7 right away was easier, kicking out the e5-knight.}

8. Nb3 {with Nd2, Nf3 to follow}

8… Nb6 9. Qc2 O-O 10. O-O-O {White wants to play for an attack with g4, etc.}

10… Nbd7 11. Nd2 Nh5 12. Ndf3 Nxf4 {maybe f6, trying to play e5 is better for black to try to gain some counter-play.}

13. exf4 Nxe5 {again f6 might be better.}

14. Nxe5 c5 {a good move that white missed. Now, black should be equal.}

15. h4 {White didn’t want to play dxc5 and weaken the e5 knight’s support.}

15… cxd4 16. cxd4 Qxc2+ {Bxe5 was interesting. If fxe5, then Qg4 hitting the g2 pawn and threatening Rc8. Black might be better here.}

17. Kxc2 {Now it’s equal.}

17… Rc8+ 18. Kd3 Rc7 19. Rc1 {White thought it best not to allow a doubling on the c-file.}

19… Rfc8 20. Rxc7 Rxc7 21. h5 {trying to play on the king-side, but there’s really not much.}

21… Bxe5 22. fxe5 Kg7 {g5 straight away was interesting.}

23. f4 e6 24. g4 h6 25. Rg1 {trying to play f5.}

25… Rc6 26. f5 exf5 {even g5 right away is fine }

27. gxf5 g5 28. f6+ {slightly inaccurate. It was better to leave the pawn on f5, keeping the black king out. White missed black’s king march to f5.}

28… Kf8 29. a4 Ke8 30. Ra1 {being as annoying as possible, as white can’t just sit and wait. Ra3, Rb3, and Rb5, targeting the weak d-pawn is white’s idea.}

30… Kd7 31. Ra3 Rb6 {good move, forcing b3 which is annoying.}

32. b3 Ke6 33. a5 Rc6 {Rb5 is much better I think, when it should be a draw. Notice then black can’t really make progress as if the king goes too far forward, then e6! wins.}

34. Ra4 {Now white gets what he wants.}

34… Kf5 35. Rb4 b6 36. Rb5 Ke6 37. Kd2 bxa5 {probably helping white a bit, but black was rather short on moves!}

38. Rxa5 Rc7 {a6 is much safer, limiting the white rook.}

39. Kd3 Rb7 40. b4 Rc7 {now, black is unfortunately losing the thread. He has been driven into a passive position after some inaccuracies.}

41. Ra6+ Kf5 42. Rd6 Kg4 {Kf4 maybe, but black’s position is getting bad. The white pawns are stronger than black’s king-side pawns.}

43. Rxd5 Kh3 {Kxh5 would have held a bit longer, trying to stay close to the middle with Kg6, Kf5.}

44. Rd8 {Now it’s over.}

44… g4 45. Rg8 g3 46. d5 {White can sac his rook for the g-pawn if need be, and the passers in the middle easily beat the rook.}

46… g2 47. e6 fxe6 48. dxe6 {Good game though! Was probably a draw if black played Rb5 move 33, or a6 move 38.}

{ Black resigns } 1-0

(Annotations: Aaron Grabinsky)

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