Fischer Madness Marathon on Lichess server

Fischer Madness Marathon started on Lichess server today. Chess959 proudly sponsored this interesting huge marathon with total 960 hours of playing (this is the longest marathon ever held in Lichess by the way). Here is the t-shirt reward for all players who collects at least 2,000 marathon points in 160 rounds with 6 hours of each sessions/rounds:


In addition to this lovely t-shirt reward, there is also cash prizes to first 10 players of this long marathon. More than 1,000 Lichess players already interested to join this tough marathon. In addition to Lichess engine detection system for cheats (which is very good if it compared with the industry standards), Chess959 also use very unique system to catch multiple accounts and engine cheaters. Everyday at least two rounds will be played, players may join anytime, can withdraw the sessions/rounds at any time, take a nap, then join again later with all points intact. Motto is simple: Collect as much as possible points from all of these 160 rounds.

Current Standings

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