We need clean air, oops sorry clean chess!


Nowadays super-duper computer-invaded chess#518 world represents old cars make air pollution worse. Lets dig car industry a bit and compare it with current active chess community and its profiteers. Well, in car industry the biggest profiteers are oil producers, because in order to start a car engine you need fuel. So, more and more cars built with the support of oil producing countries and its allies for the last 100 years if not more. In late 1960’s and early 1970’s when someone talk about the possibility of an electric cars they either killed or bribed and join the community. Very similar situation is currently going on in chess world even nowadays. With the support of the computer industry (read it oil producers in car industry), new players join this ugly super-duper computerized/memorized chess community with their fancy databases and silicons. 20 years passed after Bobby Fischer introduced chess960 to the world chess community. After that time just like in car industry, chess960 supporters either killed (of course I don’t have any proof, call me conspiracy theorist or sort of) or bribed and became silent until death. When did you last time hear Valery Salov?

Just like fossil-fuel based cars have no future, chess#518 have no future at all. We need clean chess just like clean air! Let me tell you something serious: You can’t/won’t breathe clean air with all the oil oligarchs alive and well-motivated for more profits. Just like Greenpeace, chess world needs NGO’s to resist against chess tyranny and oligarchy. Without resistance and well-prepared plan, players will continue to play chess518 until the declaration of chess is totally solved. Even after this late-declaration, I suspect majority of players will still continue to play it. What a beautiful world we currently live in?!

Another false argument about non-popularity of chess960 even after 20 years of public announcement by Fischer himself, is about the non-existence of a tournament organizers and sponsors. Let me repeat again: “They won’t come and start to organize a big chess960 tournament unless computer industry allow them. And chess software and databases are still very profitable business together with the coaching stuff (read it opening preparation)”. And more important, just like oil producers can’t support electric cars manufacturers, so the computer industry won’t support real chess (a.k.a chess960, a better word would be chess959). It is a miracle that when all the fossil-fuel based cars removed from the streets, and more and more clean cars seen on the street, it will be the time that we also see more and more chess959 players will play this wonderful game called chess. Future is bright. Take your position now! Tomorrow will be too late for you.

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