One dedicated player is enough to play real chess again!


The problem is there is none such player in professional chess world today. Bobby Fischer was such a dedicated player and lived his final years in total desperation about the enigma of dark guys and their evil intentions about blocking the real chess demand from professional chess players. Still nowadays, this blockade exist and very well structured and supported by crude oil-computer oligarchs. I won’t write a very long and detailed blog post about the current terrible situations on world peace and an its amazing connection to the need of real chess demand. Today, I have more and more information about these dark guys who systematically destroyed Fischer’s brilliant idea about returning back to the good old days about the tournament chess play. My recent terrible experience about the ongoing war on Middle East gave me an extraordinary reasoning(or a vision) about why Fischer failed to popularize Fischer Chess (chess960). He failed because he didn’t meet/find a single dedicated chess player like himself. Now he passed away and there is no such dedicated chess player like Fischer to make people to realize they are not playing chess but overplaying a chess variant also called #518. I myself as a very amateur chess player maybe a patzer tried to play real chess with titled chess players by using a very dirty instrument called money. Yes, maybe I succeed better than Fischer about the popularization of real chess also known as Fischer random chess, FRC, chess960. But still I failed to create a Europe-wide chess959 movement due to some unexpected family problems plus the negative change of living conditions because of dirty politics and world peace. But I’m not totally resigned from my job as a keen fighter of fair chess play. One thing I’m so sure from my good and bad experiences on current world politics and chess: People will destroy the bad guys on chess and they will do this with a fashion. Time will verify my optimistic claim. Just watch it: One day some professional chess player in this tiny planet really understand he/she played just a chess variant (#518) and he/she will start to play real chess again. And once this special moment starts, it can’t be stopped by neither oligarchs nor evil-minded dark guys not because of dark guys weakened or failed, because of a desire to play real chess by a chess professional. It isĀ unstoppable and very soon…

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