“Hey Bent, lets play real chess again.” R.J. Fischer


I wrote following message when I play a Fischer chess game in Weekly Chess960 Arena on Lichess. “Now we’re playing real chess again. Thanks Robert James Fischer.” I wrote this message because I really feel I’m playing real chess again and I enjoyed it and almost all players I played against in this week chess960 arena on lichess feel the same thing. This is amazing: finding players who enjoy to play real chess again. And after that I started brainstorming about what if Bent Larsen joined Fischer’s ideas and what if they started a worldwide movement about to play a real chess again without SP#518. I’m 100% sure we would be live in a world better than today. When you play real chess you have no time to make dirty wars! And yes all is connected all. When you start polluting the nature, you start collect more money, more weapons and guess what: start killing each other to get more money and more weapons. And this deadly scenario will repeat itself until Nuclear winter comes and do its job bigger and faster, and most probably deadlier.

So, Fischer failed to start a worldwide movement about to play a real pure chess again. He failed not because he wasn’t a big fighter. He was one of the biggest fighter in total chess history. He failed, because he didn’t try to get Larsen, Keres, or any other real chess professional to his side and increase the powerbase of the movement. The same scenario still exist today. I won’t name the name of today’s Fischer (ok a small hint: He is a Russian GM and he really understand what is Fischer chess and its capability to get back real chess). He is doing the same mistake as Fischer already done: go alone and fight against the stupidity alone. There is a good quote about it: “Never argue with an idiot; they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” So these idiots won against R.J. Fischer. But they won’t win this time. We’re better equipped now: we have the internet and in a matter of clicks we can play real chess again and once we really enjoyed to play real chess, we can connect together and start a worldwide movement to beat chess mafia. We can do it and we’ll do it. Just after the nuclear winter I guess, unfortunately :(

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