Searching for high level chess959 player (Part I)

When Zoran asked me how to castle in this game, I did realize again how chess960 known in master level chess: A variant. No it is not! (quite opposite). Chess960 is chess itself. #518 (RNBQKBNR) is called chess by everyone. It is not correct. It’s just a variant of chess. A variant almost solved by quantum computers. And yes these computers will also solve entire chess (I mean all other 959 starting positions). But there is a trick here: Human brain can’t handle to memorize all 959 starting positions. Good news. Chess won’t die! Now please stop worrying about survival of chess. You should worry about the #518.

Tomorrow I’ll play against James Plaskett again. He is not only a strong #518 player, but also a very strong chess player.


Plaskett (1986)

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