Do you remember good old days when the engines couldn’t enter the tournaments with their analysis?

Would you like to play a real (a.k.a fair) chess game?

Ok. I’ll tell you the truth: There is a chess time machine called FRC (Fischer Random Chess) which allows you to travel back in the time and play in a high-level chess tournament where chess engines have no chance at all. Seriously!

Lets check out what the chess professionals think about chess engines’ invasion to pure human chess play:

First of all, we must admit to ourselves that we are all cheats! Unfair play has been going on for twenty years – since the computer has become an integral part of the preparation of a chess player.

Maybe it’s time to put everyone on an equal footing? Some people cannot afford a powerful computer, whilst others have silicon worth tens of thousands of dollars, plus a huge number of assistants, that are a source of advice with this work. This difference in effect determines the rankings and so on. ~ Alexey Dreev, Grandmaster

See. Professionals know what’s goin’ on right now? But still they lack of creating movements, resisting against the tyranny (a.k.a chess mafia or chess oligarchy). This is why we have no FRC federation or a regular tournaments played on FRC. Even you can’t find a single serious FRC tournaments in a year or a decade maybe!

So, something has to be changed. And we’ll become a part of it. This is a blog of that movement just started in Europe.

In order to understand the chess959 movement better, please read the interviews first, especially the interviews of Jan Gombac!