Rules for entry

  1. Only titled players can play in the Chess959 tournaments.
  2. Players have to be qualified to enter the competition by training games.
  3. Qualification doesn’t mean winning every games he played in training games, but fairness, professionalism and some tough questions needs to be answered honestly before the acceptance of a player to chess959.
  4. All qualification requests should be directed to admin at chess959 dot com or user mirlife in lichess website.

Current qualified players: Jan Gombac (FM), Andrei Deviatkin (GM), Sergey Volkov (GM), Aaron Grabinsky (NM), Alexei Terzi (FM), James Plaskett (GM), Marko Tratar (GM), Sergey Grigoriants (GM), Vadim Milov (GM), Bojan Jovanovic (FM), Egor Filipets (FM), Aleksandr Kocheev, Vitaly Meribanov (IM), Andrej Sukovic (FM), Stevan Jovic (FM), Aleksandar Tomic (FM), Richard Leyva Proenza (IM).

Time controls: 45+10, 25+10 and mostly 15+10 on online and OTB tournaments.

Prizes: Prizes vary on each category (500 euros for highest category, 200 euros for lowest category).

Tournament dates and times: It is decided by all players.


Tips for to become a qualified player: 

  1. Always be fair in your training games never, ever use engines.
  2. Every single move is important no matter it is a losing or winning game. We look players who has the most fighting spirit no matter the result is. We deeply, very deeply analyse your every move no matter if it is a winning game or a losing one. We easily notice an excellent defence move in a lost game, we don’t forget it. We also easily notice weak moves in a won game by the same player. So, fighting spirit is the name of the qualification game.
  3. We prefer players who send analysis/annotations of own played training games in the qualification period (min. 3 annotated games required).


Over the board (OTB) tournaments in chess959 ladder:

We know that how hard to find a tournament near your living place (your region), and it is not easy to meet/supply necessary costs (travel+hotel costs) for abroad (far) tournaments. Online tournaments would be better in this scenario, but it is not easy to find fair/honest tournaments without cheaters (use chess engines for their moves). Also over the board tournaments requires huge amount of free time (3 days to 2 weeks duration) which is not good for players who also have other obligations such as work, study or other stuff. So, if there is another way to play without spending money and time it would be great for such players. And yes there is an interesting and unique way to do this. This is what our most over the board tournaments using it. It is called meetup matches and tournaments within the chess959 ladder.

How we do this? 

First, you already know that we require qualification to the chess959 ladder. Once a player become a qualified chess959 player (you already know that it is not easy), we put him in the ladder where other players not only very similar ratings and titles but also very close in region (not more than 200 km away). And then, we send invitation to this qualified players if they want to join a 8-players tournament and we let know them other 7 players in the tournament, so they decide if they can travel just 30 to 50 km away, and so on. We play matches with that unique way and give prizes to the players.


Online tournaments:

Only qualified players invited to this carefully designed private mini tournaments. If you’re a qualified chess959 player and want to join an online tournament, just let us know via e-mail mentioned above or contact mirlife in lichess website.